panbihome features
  • Configurable and interlinked dashboards
  • Dynamic Schema Editor to support ETL processes
  • Highly configurable security layer
  • Dynamic data curation and customized analysis
  • Flexible external API integration capabilities
  • Comprehensive user management and access controls
  • Data visualization in tables, charts and maps
  • Extensive search and filtering capabilities
Data Analysis Software


Data Analysis Tools



Personalized & interactive dashboards that provide rich insight to your data. Swap, merge and manage multiple dashboards for analysis and visualization.





Fetch real-time data from external data store or datasets to PanBI data store. Configure connections to external data store including relational databases, secured and public REST URIs and even upload or access excel/text files.


Data Analysis Techniques




Create folders into external, internal or shared datasets, charts, maps, grids and filters. Directory structure enables to selectively share or publish items in the PanBI catalog.




Transform data into predictive insights using PanBI analytics. Analyze your historical and transactional data into business intelligence.




Visualize data in various styles. Dynamically build visually appealing informative charts and maps with a single click. Consolidate data from multiple sources into a single visualizer.




Add comments against datasets and share for public view or private use. Capture and act on comments on any dataset or dashboard and collaborate with others